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Episode 9 – Candy Coated Monkies

Episode 9 – Candy Coated Monkies

It’s the end of the world and Rebecca Cohen, Joshua Gonnerman, Billy Kangas and Joshua Wise are hunkered down in a present under the tree in the Pryz to talk about all things End…ish. Cthulhu, Flying Flaming Skulls, and the Bloop make their expected appearances.

One thought on “Episode 9 – Candy Coated Monkies

  1. Oh, and I would like to admit, that even though it got left on the cutting room floor, I absolutely made the mistake of thinking that “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)” was only a cover by R.E.M. That song is theirs, no question. For some reason I thought it was from the 70’s…

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