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Episode 27 – House of Cards


Episode 27 – House of Cards

This week we discuss the Netflix Original series House of Cards, and promptly forget everyone’s name. This is a spoiler filled podcast and the second to last of the season, so make sure you watch House of Cards before giving this one a listen.

One thought on “Episode 27 – House of Cards

  1. On the screaming homeless guy: The narrative seems clearly to be a retelling / commentary on the Gerasene Demoniac (possessed by “Legion,” Luke 8:26). The homeless guy is, of course, the demoniac. Spacey takes on the role of Jesus, violating taboo to interact with the accursed. Spacey speaks to the man overtly, but to the demons themselves allegorically; just as when Spacey prays to himself in the presence of God and Satan, so here he speaks to the other demons: “No one hears you, no one cares.” The validation of his position is this: the delivered message calms the “demoniac,” ends the exhibition, restores a kind of peace (though be it far, far beyond Francis Schaeffer’s “Line of Despair”!).

    Spacey’s character is thoroughly post-Christian: reasonably well informed on all the claims of a pretty conventional Christianity, he rejects its implications and judgements, and instead places himself, at every opportunity, on whatever throne seems handy.

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