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No Avatars Allowed Episode 104


No Avatars Allowed Episode 104 is up after…let’s say 20 months of downtime.  Crossed Purposes is splitting up its media coverage into “smaller” podcasts (this one is not small at all).  No Avatars Allowed was the podcast of The Cross And The Controller, and is now back with its 104th episode.  The new crew includes Nicole Kline of Warp Zoned, Geekadelphia, and Perpetual Geek Machine, and long time host, Joshua Wise.

Get it here!

One thought on “No Avatars Allowed Episode 104

  1. TCATC is back! This is AMAZING! I didn’t listen to the latter half because I have yet to play TLOU. But if the first half was any inclination I’m sure it was great. The dialogue here was funny and great. I’m not entirely sold on the “reading of the game descriptions” but we’ll see.

    Looking forward to hearing more from the 3 of you. Nicole, make time for Josh and his podcast. I don’t have to tell you how awesome he is.

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