Crossed Purposes has it’s own podcast that comes out weekly during the school year (since we are all graduate students of Theology and Bible). But there is a long history of podcasting associated with our predicessor site The Cross and The Controller, and an old friend site as well, Nerds Are Amazing. So we are hosting these two podcasts along with our own. Check them out below:

Crossed Purposes Podcast:

Podcast Image
Crossed Purposes is the Official Podcast of CrossedPurposes.com in which Graduate Students in theology discuss pop culture and theological topics all at the same time.
The Nerds Are Amazing podcast started off as a bloodthirsty rival to the similarly initialed No Avatars Allowed Podcast. But soon, after some gentle soothing, the wild men and women of the Nerds podcast (Dan, Burt, Mike, Dave, Katie, and more) came to see their enemies as their friends. And thus peace ruled in the Nerdly kingdoms. This was helpful, since the Nerds are Amazing podcast delivered some of the funniest podcasts we’ve ever listened to.
No Avatars Allowed is where it all started for us. Ben Wallis and Joshua Wise tackled the strange combination of theology and video games for over a hundred episodes. Joined as well by cohost Steven Stitely and several guests, the No Avatars Allowed Podcast delivered insights, interviews, and press release critiques, taking listeners through Newstown, New Release Valley, and several other seedier parts of the theology and video game landscape.

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